Question 1:  When should I get married?

 Answer 1:   When you find someone you’d like to spend your life with, age is irrelevant. 

The same theory can also be applied to answer a commonly asked question in relation to Real Estate Agents.

 Question 2:   How many agents should I interview?

 Answer 2:   As many as it takes, until you find one you feel you can trust.  The number of interviews is irrelevant; it’s the ultimate result you’re wanting.  Whether it be 3, 4, 5 or 6 agents, keep going until you find your match.  How do you know you’ve found your match?  Believe me you’ll know, it will feel right.  When you find your match, stop interviewing and get on with the job at hand.

 With a constantly changing market place, here are some key points to be cautious of when selecting your agent:-

 Caution Point 1:  Proof of results in all markets. 

A friend once said, “Every Captain looks good in calm seas”.

However, bring on a storm, now that’s the real test.  Booming real estate markets make even the most incompetent agents look good.

Caution Point 2:  Money up front.

 If an agent needs money up front to sell your house, that’s sending a message that they have no buyers.  Why would you pay someone to advertise your OWN house with your money and then pay a huge fee to do it?  If putting adverts in newspapers and on the net is what sells houses, save the agent’s commission and do it yourself.

Caution Point 3:  Discounting your house.

If you employ heavily discounted agents you will end up with a heavily discounted house.  If the agent will freely give his own money away what’s going to happen when he gets his hands on yours?  ‘Pay peanuts and you get monkeys’.

Caution Point 4: The $189 Microwave  

I recently purchased a microwave on the net which was delivered to my office and came with a guarantee, fantastic.  If Sony can offer a guarantee on a microwave valued at $189 why can’t your agent offer you a real consumer guarantee for the sale price of your home? Selling your property costs a lot more than $189 in fact it costs many thousands of dollars.  Ask your agent for a written guarantee for the sale price of your property.