Presentation  – Part 4 of 6

Minor Repairs

If there is any unfinished work inside the property – such as skirting boards that have been removed – fix these things. If there are any obvious minor repairs – such as door handles missing or broken hooks – fix these too. Repair all irritating things that are likely to catch the eyes of buyers.

Be very careful if you do any painting. Painting one dull room can suddenly make other unpainted rooms look dull too. Before you know it you have a major paint job on your hands; this could lead to replacing the carpets, even the tiles in the bathroom. Suddenly you are involved in a very expensive renovation.

The cleanliness and the mood are most important but all expense needs careful consideration. Will you get your money back?

Ask your agent’s opinion.

The best advice is to do all you can to make your property feel like a home. Make it sparkle without making it too immaculate or clinical.

Some sellers create a show-home. In doing so, they create a cold sterile effect. Homes with warmth are the most attractive and appealing.

During the Inspection

Although good agents like it if you can meet prospective purchasers – they say that this reduces the risk of buyers making low offers – when the inspection gets underway it is best if you (and your dog) are not home.

Too many people in a property can make it look small – have you ever felt this at an open for inspection, when hoards of ‘lookers’ are squeezing past each other?

If you do stay home, do not remain in the most appealing room. Buyers will be conscious of their intrusion into your life; they rarely feel relaxed when you are in the same room.

Genuine buyers take their time to inspect a property, so give them plenty of time to savour the best rooms in the property.

If you trust the agent, let the agent stay with the buyers. And don’t expect the agent to point out all the obvious features.

Some of the best salespeople are silent when buyers are inspecting a home. The time for most questions is after the inspection, or if the buyers require a second or third inspection.