To Open or Not To Open?

As mentioned earlier, open inspections can make a property look smaller.

They also leave you exposed to the risk of ‘games’ being played by prospective purchasers. There have been cases where a purchaser, who was interested in a property, spoke loudly and negatively about it during the open inspection in the hope of discouraging other purchasers.

Whether this tactic succeeded or not is irrelevant – why risk exposure to such tactics?

There have been cases of theft during open inspections and opinion is divided as to whether the home owner is covered by insurance in such circumstances – after all, the thief was invited into the home.

From a professional selling perspective, only people who are qualified to purchase should have the right to inspect a property, and they should be allowed to do so at a time most suitable to them and to the home sellers, not the agent.

Although open inspections are more convenient for the agent, who only has to serve each seller for one hour per week, some agents believe in an old-fashioned concept called SERVICE.

If your agent is happy to offer you, and your potential purchasers, better service by taking buyers through one at a time, you may find this service leads to a higher price for you.