Here is how a good negotiator should work:

  • He or she should give you an accurate truthful price estimate.
  • You and the agent should agree on a first asking price, which should be high enough to guarantee that you do not sell the property too cheaply, but not so high that it ‘scares away’ the best buyers.
  • You and your agent should have a Weekly Price Review. If there has been little interest in the property in the past week, you should lower the price for the coming week.

This is what great negotiators recommend – start high and then come down.

  • Negotiation with all buyers should be done by way of the Buyers’ Price Declaration. This greatly increases your chance of obtaining the highest price possible.

Good luck with your selection of an agent. We do hope that these hints are of some assistance to you.

Although you might not follow all of the advice contained in this publication, please always insist that your agent signs for you a service guarantee, and one with meaning.

If your agent does not offer you a serive guarantee or something better, by all means contact us and feel free to use ours.

 Thank you.