Paul Wrigley from Ray White Toronto has been contacted by a Toronto seller regretting their decision to sell with another agent by auction recently.

The seller contacted Paul Wrigley and expressed that “We feel like we have been run over by a steam roller.” This is the very thing Paul is trying to stop happening to sellers in the Toronto, Rathmines and Wangi Wangi area.

The agent promised a high price for the property at the start of the Auction campaign. When it came to setting the reserve price on the day of the auction (4 weeks later), the agent said how the market had dropped dramatically and the seller would need to accept a much lower price, which was $200,000 different!

Paul Wrigley’s response was, “the market doesn’t drop dramatically in 4 weeks, and it certainly doesn’t drop by over $200,000 in a period of 4 weeks.” Paul also commented that for the agent, auction day meant pay day for him. The agent was not working in the best interests of the vendor, trying to achieve the highest price possible, the agent was merely working for themself.

Selling your property is a stressful and emotional process without choosing a local agent.

Any seller should read Don’t Sign Anything by Neil Jenman before choosing an agent. This book written by Neil Jenman helps sellers understand the lies and games played by unethical agents and how to avoid them.

Paul Wrigley and the sales team at Ray White Toronto have adopted the very approach that Neil Jenman believes is in the best interest of the seller and not the agent.

This philosophy is seller first, agent second runs in parallel with BNI which Paul Wrigley is president of the Jewell chapter in Toronto which is Givers Gain! If I give a great service to my clients, in return I will generate more business.

If this particular seller had of signed a Ray White Toronto Service Guarantee , they would have ben protected against paying the agents fee for a job they were not satisfied with and potentially could of had a far better experience selling their home.