Paul Wrigley from Ray White Toronto has been approached by a number of sellers in the Toronto, Rathmines and Wangi Wangi area complaining of agents telling lies.

Some of the complaints are as follows:

One agent told the sellers that they had a buyer for their property and convinced the seller to list their property for sale with that agent. That same agent openly lied and over quoted the price by $50,000.

Over quoting a sale price to a seller is a lie. If the relationship between a seller and an agent starts on a lie, the lie and or many lies will continue thru out the agency period.

An agent should justify a sale price to a seller and should be confident enough to sign a guarantee for that price. If the agent can’t achieve the price they tell a seller they shouldn’t get paid commission.

If a seller asks an agent to sign such a guarantee and the agent refuses, the seller shouldn’t sign with that agent as the agent isn’t prepared to back themselves.

A sellers property is one of their biggest assets and they deserve an honest opinion on price.

These lies can cost sellers 10s of thousands of dollars. When selling a property, dealing with an agent that signs a guarantee stating a minimum price and it they don’t achieve that , the seller doesn’t have to pay commission.

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