Paul Wrigley of Ray White Toronto had the pleasure of listening to Neil Jenman present at the Pittard Annual Convention in Brisbane late in November.

 Neil is well known for promoting ethics in real estate with his proven system being in the best interests of sellers Neil has written a number of books with the most well known book being Real Estate Mistakes and Don’t Sign Anything.

Neil Jenman believes that home sellers shouldn’t have to pay advertising costs and should sell their property with the agent that guarantees the price they quote and the service they offer.

 Paul Wrigley from Ray White Real Estate met Neil Jenman after the presentation and made the following comment, “It is a refreshing change to have a system to follow that puts sellers first.” Everything Neil promotes, believes and teaches is totally in the best interests of the client.

 Paul Wrigley says , if you would like a free copy of one of Neil Jenman’s books, don’t hesitate to give Paul a call on 4959 6577.