Matthew Sullivan published an article on Real Estate Business earlier in the week. claiming the property market looks set to strengthen over the coming few months, with more buyers viewing now as a good time to buy.

According to RE/MAX WA managing director Geoff Baldwin, enquiry rates from buyers have jumped by more than 80 per cent and sales are up by 37 per cent since the first week of February.

With house prices at a four year low coupled with rising employment levels and stabilised interest rates, buyer confidence is fast returning to the market.

However, Mr Baldwin has warned that over-priced listings will force buyers to reconsider their purchase.

“It is important for sellers to understand that there are still an enormous amount of homes on the market so correct pricing remains the key to attracting a buyer,” he said.

“Houses that are overpriced are consistently achieving less than those that are priced correctly when they come to the market mainly because correctly priced homes attract many more viewings and are not given a chance to become stale.”