Paul Wrigley comments about Companies that are so called ‘Specialists’

Over the years I have competed against so called waterfront specialists and rental specialists and have come to this conclusion – it’s a sneaky marketing ploy that lures potential sellers or investors in to that agency. The lies start from day one and unfortunately continue throughout the time that the sellers and investors are stuck with that agency.

Just because an agent claims to be a ‘specialist’ doesn’t mean they are. These businesses are more interested in themselves most of the time instead of putting their clients first.

At Ray White Toronto, we are in the business of selling and managing all types of property. Our attitude is Self Promotion is out and Benefits to the Consumer are in. That’s why we offer our clients a Service Guarantee, which gives the consumer a way to get out of contract if they aren’t happy with our agency and more importantly they don’t have to pay us commission for selling their property if we sell it for less than the figure we quote them. Nowhere in our situation does the consumer come anywhere but Number 1 at all times.

The old way (which is still common) is to tell the seller whatever they want to hear and get the listing, then start telling them what they should have done at the start. The reason some agents tell lies is because there is every chance a seller wouldn’t have listed with that agent if they knew the truth. 

I believe in ‘givers gain’. If I give to my clients, in return I will gain. It absolutely must be right for my clients otherwise it wouldn’t be right for me.

If every agent adopted this philosophy, the perception of our industry would be a lot better than it is today.

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