Ray White Toronto smash their target and bring in the highest ever income…

Ray White Toronto, in a good month, normally achieve between $33-$35,000 in management fees from 300 – 310 managements. Last month, they did $39,000!

So the challenge was set by Business Manager, Rebecca Sharples for the team to break through the $40,000 barrier by the end of the financial year.

The results are in and not only did the team crack $40,000, they smashed their target to bring in income of over $45,000 – the highest ever.

How did they do it?

Property Management team, Rebecca Wood, Meagan Kozaczynski and Kelly Wade undertook the following strategies to bring change to their business:

• Growth: They have grown the rent roll management from 313 to 330 in three months, even though they have recently become a team of three not four.

• Lease: They signed ten new managements and leased twenty new managements in June.

• Arrears: Management has produced a result of 1.5% for June which equates to five tenants out of 330 in arrears with their rent.

What are the lessons? Leadership, Structure and Measurement will bring change.

Ray White Toronto is a Professional Property Management Business that has just demonstrated what can happen when leadership for growth is shared with a team, underpinned by structure and measurement.

Congratulations Rebecca, Meagan and Kelly who have worked outside of their comfort zone to achieve change and growth for their business. Next step – an August Investor Evening!

Pictured from left to right: Meagan Kozaczynski, Bec Wood and Kelly Wade