Paul Wrigley from Ray White Toronto urges home sellers to be wary of agents that lie. A lot of agents tell lies to win sellers over.

Unfortunately a lot of agents will lie about the possible sale price so the seller will pick them over an honest agent that quotes a price that is realistic and is being honest. The problem with agents that tell lies to win is once a relationship starts on a lie it continues right through until it is sold or the seller finally sacks the agent and goes with an honest ethical agent. The lie actually gets bigger to cover up the initial lie.

When it comes to selling, sellers are vulnerable as they want the best price possible for the property which is totally understandable and can be swayed by a dishonest over quoting agent. Sellers need to ask the agent to justify the price they are quoting and better still, sign up with an agent that guarantees the sale price they achieve. If the agent is honest they should back themselves and should not charge a commission if they sell the property for less than they quote. Not many agents will guarantee their service, however, Ray White Toronto  does.

So when you are selling ask Ray White Toronto for a copy of their Service Guarantee.

Happy Selling


Paul Wrigley