Paul Wrigley comments on having a security guard at your open for inspection.

At Ray White Toronto we are selling as many if not more houses since we stopped doing open homes. We deal only with genuine buyers and don’t take sticky beeks through open for inspections like other agents. An open home is a  great way for an agent to find/meet future sellers and appear to be busy bringing buyers or stickybeeks through a property. None of these are in the best interests of a seller so why do sellers allow agents to use their properties to benefit the agent and not the seller.

To have a buyer/ Stickybeek/looker go through your home and look through your underwear draws etc doesn’t make sense. Wouldn’t a seller be better off having less buyers through but more genuine buyers look at their property. Quality not quantity!!!

To pay a fee each month to have a security guard protecting your property during an open home doesn’t make sense.

At Ray White Toronto we will sell your property for the best possible price without doing open homes and putting your property at risk to thieves.

 To find out how we are selling a lot of properties without exposing your property to the pitfalls of the normal industry standard feel free to call Paul Wrigley at Ray White Toronto on (02)4959 6577.

A report recently posted on claims vendors may soon have the option of using security personnel to keep their belongings safe during open house inspections.

According to a report in The Sydney Morning Herald, real estate agents may soon be able to offer a range of security services to vendors, including the use of security personnel for $995 a month.

Belle Property Seaford principal Matt Brady told the SMH that the introduction of guards and insurance policies for vendors was a terrific idea and expected this to gain traction in some of Sydney’s ‘prestige’ markets.

”It’s not going to be for everyone, but I think there’s certainly a place for this in the marketplace.”

Open Home Insurance and Security director Peter Kellaher said his business wouldn’t limit its offering to vendors. It would also offer services designed to protect property managers when dealing with tenancies and rental home inspections.

Mr Kellaher noted that under clause 61 of the NSW Residential Tenancies Act, landlords or their agents could be forced to provide compensation for any stolen goods or damage that occurs during inspections.