Paul Wrigley from Ray White Toronto agrees with ‘Rowie’ Rowena McEvoy. Rowie is a motivational speaker and has sent this email to Paul Wrigley.

Paul believes this is a great motto to live by. If only everyone lived their lives this way.

I have a goal to make my world a nicer, kinder, well mannered, happier place. How about you and how about your world – are you becoming nicer everyday and inspiring the folks in your world to be nice too?

Rowie’s etiquette tips to make our world nicer

  • Say thank you every time for everything!
  • Say SORRY – even if it was not you
  • Use words that everyone will understand – BIG words make some people feel dumb
  • Give more compliments
  • Leave every room you have been in cleaner
  • Open a glass door with the handle
  • Stand away from the baggage carousel at the airport so everyone can get to their bags
  • Wipe down the shower, basin or sink after you have wet it
  • Leave a bathroom (toilet) smelling or looking better then when you arrived
  • Let people with less groceries than you into the line at the grocery store
  • Don’t bring cut flowers as a gift to a function
  • Let a car merge in front of you with a smile
  • When you sleep over, strip the bed and leave the room clean and tidy when you leave – even the hotel room
  • Leave your mobile phone OFF at dinner or any business or social event
  • Dress to or better than the requested dress code
  • Walk/run/cycle on the left hand side of the pat and give way to the folks moving faster than you
  • Hold the door/lift etc for people who are carrying things and offer to help carry things
  • Never send text messages, tweet, facebook or use a laptop during a personal meeting – wherever you are be there!!
  • Don’t expect people to return your email or call just because you sent them one!!
  • Don’t gossip, criticise, whine or complain – especially on facebook, twitter etc – you are clogging up the WWW with negative files!!
  • Look for the good, positive, bright and fun side of all that happens
  • When you receive a compliment – say Thank you!!
  • SMILE SMILE SMILE – even if you don’t feel like it and regardless of the condition of your teeth
  • Go to the dentist every 6 months – suburb oral care makes you feel good
  • Get fit, strong and healthy – it will make you a NICER person

 Be nice and inspire all in your world to be the same.