Wayne Bennett – Newcastle Knights coach talks with Ray White Real Estate Toronto.

Paul Wrigley and his team from Ray White Toronto listened to Wayne Bennett at their conference last week about things that Wayne Bennett believes makes him a great coach and how the team at Ray White Toronto can be better people, better sales professionals

Wayne says ” It’s important about what you think, not what others think. The biggest challenge is yourself, be better than your previous self, am I getting the best out of myself? And the world is going to change with or without you!”

Teams win not individuals! More gets achieved and accomplished when no one needs or wants to take credit for it. It is the choices we make that have put us where we are today.

As Wayne says ” My job is to focus on getting the team to win and not be a media personality.” Wayne often gets criticized for not saying much or being high profile in the media but he says his job is to coach footballers and that is what he focussed on.

Wayne says the definition to him of a true leader is:-

Have the courage to stand alone

Have the courage to make the tough decisions

Have an understanding and be compassionate for others

Actions are more important than words

And Leaders are like eagles….. They don’t flock

The buck stops with you

Don’t do your second best

The ability to communicating is the ability to listen.

The Real Estate team at Ray White Toronto are now living Wayne’s words and are all looking forwarding to becoming a better team for it. Real Estate in Toronto will be better as a result of hearing Wayne Bennett present at the Australasian Real Estate conference.