Paul Wrigley from Ray White Toronto shares his tips for staying cool in this HOT weather!

TIP 1:

Make sure you clean the filters in your air conditioning system to ensure maximum efficiency from your air conditioner on hot days like today!

Air conditioner filters require regular cleaning or replacing. As filters accumulate dust they block up, reducing airflow and the cooling or heating capacity of the air conditioner. In addition some types lose filtration efficiency the dirtier they get.

Removing the filters is usually a simple process and should be outlined in the instruction manual that came with your unit. Mesh filters can be cleaned with a cloth or rag and then washed thoroughly in soapy water. It is then important to wait until they are fully dried before reinserting them back into your air conditioner. Be careful when washing as you don’t want to damage the filter or add any lint to it from the cloth.

Vacuuming your air conditioning filter is also a suggested method and can be effective however this has been known to damage the filter in some situations, so it’s best to refer to your manual and, if in doubt, contact an air conditioner professional.