It will come as no surprise that for most people, the festive season is stressful as well as super fun. Emotions run high, family dramas come into play, and the juggle of winding up the year at work, celebrating with colleagues and friends, and shopping for gifts can put even the most level-headed among us in meltdown. Throw children into the mix, or if it’s your turn to host Christmas this year, and it’s no wonder things get a little silly.

The good news is there are ways to keep the chaos to a minimum and to maximise your enjoyment of this lovely time of year. All it takes is some self-care, preparation and perspective … and plenty of Christmas spirit.

3. Delegate and outsource cleaning jobs wherever possible in the lead-up to Christmas – children included.
7. Spend time on things that matter most – making decorations with the kids will be something they’ll remember.